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IMPORTANT NEWS: I am closing my private practice by end of May 2018, so I will not be able to see any new referrals after the 18th May 2018

Ear & Cochlear Implant Surgery

Ear and Cochlear Implant Surgery

Are you suffering from hearing or balance problems? Break the Silence and talk about your hearing or balance problem to a world class Ear surgeon. We specialise in:


    • Ear surgery for Children and Adults
    • Hearing restoration in Children and Adults
    • Cochlear and Hearing Implant surgery for Children and Adults
    • Hearing restoration after Injuries and Accidents
    • Surgery for Vertigo and Balance Disorders

Skull Base Surgery

Skull Base Surgery

Are you a patient with a benign or malignant tumor of the skull base, defect of the skull base or a skull base injury? Professor  Rajan will provide the state of the art diagnostic and surgical treatment options for you which include:


    • Surgery for Skull base Tumors (Conventional, endoscopic or robotic)
    • Surgery for congenital Skull base defects
    • Surgery for Skull base injuries

Head & Neck Surgery

Head and Neck Tumors

Have you been diagnosed with a lump,tumor or cancer of the head & neck? Do you have problems with your salivary glands? We are here to help with the expertise of a multidisciplinary team. We offer :


    • Surgery for Head & Neck Cancers and Tumors (conventional, endoscopic or robotic)
    • Surgery for the salivary glands (such as the parotid gland, submandibular or sublingual gland)
    • Sialendoscopy (minimally invasive diagnostic and interventional surgery for salivary gland problems)

Operating sites:

  • St John of God, Murdoch
  • St John of God, Subiaco
  • Hollywood Private Hospital
  • Mount Hospital
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Royal Perth Hospital

Consulting sites:

  • Hollywood Medical Centre, Suite 36, Level 1, 85 Monash Avenue, 6009 Nedlands WA
  • St.John of God Medical Clinic, Suite 20, Level 1, 100 Murdoch Drive, 6150 Murdoch WA

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Professor Gunesh P Rajan

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St.John of God Murdoch Medical Clinic

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